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about the company

The history of the enterprise starts in 1901 when the first guild purchaser Kogan L.I has built in Kyiv a stone mill with locomobile. Over a century of existence the structure of the company has been changing but two main components ramaining unchengeable - high quality products and hard-working staff, that has highly professional qualification and teaches the next generation to pursue a family business by own sample.

Today LLC “STOLYCHNYJ MLYN“ – is a powerful European manufacturer of high-quality wheat our, which has a huge potential

Its Industrial capacity allows daily supply over 1000 tones of a high quality wheat flour and other products to Ukrainian and foreign enterprises.

All products preach standarts: ISO 22000: 2005 HACCP ISTU 46.004-99

  • - The best raw material for flour production in Europe.
  • - Production capacity is over 250 thousand tones of grain annually and more than 1000 tones daily
  • - High-tech production that corresponds to international standards.
  • - Qualified staff, that combines traditions of previous generations and modern technologies.
  • - Keeping product quality standarts that is passing the control and express analysis on the  laboratory equipment of leading European manufacturers.
  • - A wide product range: wheat flour, rye flour and products of proceeds.
  • - The product export system is adjusted by different means of transport for the countries all around the world, including "on a turn-key basis" with a full package of accompanying documentation.
  • - Convenient location - LLC “STOLYCHNYJ MLYN” is located in the heart of Europe ( Kyiv, Ukraine), that gives an opportunity to export products efficiently.
  • - We have consulting services for the constant and potential customers of the enterprise.
  • - Additional services: packaging by European standarts, private label, packaging control and more.
    • - 3 own Mills with upgraded equipment, produced by the company «Buhler» (Switzerland)
    • - 2 super powerful grain elevators with a capacity of 32 thousand tons and 43 thousand tons and with a possibility of port loading.
    • - Adjusted transport system, own locomotives and railway line.
    • - 2 sections of wheat flour packaging equipped by Italian and German manufactures.
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